March 12, 2013

Grab A Prop & Frida-style Yourself

The homemade Frida photo booth was a big hit with everyone at my “Celebrate Life Frida Kahlo Syle” birthday party. I showed you how we made the backdrop with flowers made of tissue paper. The props, mustaches, unibrows and thought bubbles on a stick, were made by friend Debbie and owner of Snow Buddies Ink on Etsy. The props were inspired by Frida’s signature unibrow and mustache. Frida didn’t have a very noticeable mustache like the ones made but I knew the kids would love them. I laminated the thought bubbles that way my guests could write on them as many times as they wanted with a dry marker. Another popular prop used was the sombrero I borrow from my work friend, Ms. Thayer.

Each guests had their photo taken with my mini Polaroid camera. Their pictures were hung by the fireplace, like a garland of happy, silly, and pretend to be drunken guests. The fireplace was decorated with Frida and Day of the Dead items. Most were gifts from family and friends throughout the years. Can you tell my guests’ enjoyed the photo booth? I can’t wait to scrapbook my mini Polaroid pictures and send out thank you cards to all my guests with a copy of their mini pictures.

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