March 24, 2011

Gambling with Grammy

I just got home from Harrah’s Rincon Casino in San Diego, CA with a happy wallet! My husband’s grandmother whom we call Grammy invited me. We met the P.S. Tour bus at 7:30 am in front of our local Target and it only cost $10 to go, which I got back as credit for the casino. The bus was filled mostly with seniors. I was the youngest one there but I didn’t mind. During the two-hour drive, they handed out donuts, coffee, and water. We even played black out Bingo for $1. It was $1 per Bingo board and we got to play on it three times. I didn’t win but the lady behind me did. It was so much fun.

We arrived at the casino around 10am and I received my $10 back in credit plus $25 more for signing up. Grammy introduced me to Star Trek slot machine that has become my favorite game! It was a penny game with a maximum bid of 35 cents. I played on that game for over an hour on $20. I left the machine when I had nothing left. The way I saw it, I was winning. I was able to stay busy for over an hour on $20 at a casino.

After playing a few more slot machines, and using up my $35 free casino credit plus $25 of my own, Grammy and I got some lunch. We ate at Pink’s in the casino. Grammy said that it is a very popular hotdog place in Hollywood. I had a Chicago spicy hotdog and shared some onion rings with Grammy. Grammy said I must have been very hungry because I gobbled it up, even though I told her earlier that I wasn’t very hungry and could wait a little longer.

About two hours before meeting our bus at 3pm for departure, I watched Grammy play some slot machines. Then, we headed to the Star Trek game again. I wanted to play on it once more before we left. On about my 5th game, I won $266! Remember everything is in pennies so I had no idea how much I had won because I am the worse person at math. Grammy told me to cash out and I jump of excitement when I realized how much I had won. I gave Grammy a big hug and told her that I was done for the day.

When, I texted my husband to tell him the good news he didn’t believe me. He told me to text him a picture. Oh, on that note, sorry about the cell phone pictures. I didn’t take my camera because Grammy said that I didn’t need it, though I really did, but I had to please. I took pictures with my camera of the pictures I took with my phone.

The whole point of going to the casino with Grammy was to spend some good quality time with her. I’m not big on gambling. I really don’t like gambling my hard earned money faster than I can work for it, especially when there’s no guarantee that I will win. I rather spend it on something I really want. That is why, when I do go gambling on the rare occasion, I have a limit of how much I am going to take.

I’m glad Grammy invited me. How could I not be, I won! Grammy must be my lucky charm. Now, I have money to pay my taxes. Oh, the joy!

That's me at home after an exciting day!

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