March 18, 2011

My Saint Patrick’s Day Evening

I took the rainbow picture last month as I arrived to work after a rainy morning. I was holding on to it because I though today would be a perfect day to share it with you guys.

I had mentioned to my best friend Pam that I wanted to go to a bar for Saint Patrick’s Day and have my first green beer. We decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, which is right next door to my work on Saint Patty’s Day. We met at my work at 5pm then walked into a packed Buffalo Wild Wings. Luckily, we were able to find two seats at the end of the bar. We both started with girly drinks, raspberry vodkas. Let me mention that I am not a big drinker and a total lightweight. My goal was to just have one drink, chat, and then head home to my sick husband who was okay if I spent a few hours hanging out with Pam, that due to our busy work schedules we barely hang out. After finishing our drink I wanted to go watch a movie since it was still early but nothing started into later so we decided to stay and have just one more drink. Since, our raspberry vodkas weren’t green I order a Blue Moon beer since I came to have a green beer. Sadly, the bartender didn’t use green food dye in my deer, don’t know why, so no green beer for me on Saint Patty’s Day. Sad face. However, Pam and I had a blast cracking jokes and catching up. We shared an order of ultimate nacho and had a nice non-alcoholic water to recover before we headed home. I didn’t get the green Saint Patrick’s Day beer I wanted but I was lucky to have shared that evening with my best friend.

I hope you guys had a great Saint Patrick’s Day and remembered to wear your green. I did!

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