May 19, 2011

With love from, Lizette

Today, I wrote my first letter to my new and only pen pal Brittni, from With love from, Michigan blog, and to my college friend, Maria. I have boxes and baskets filled cards, stationary, and homemade envelopes. I enjoy writing letters to people. What I enjoy even more is getting one back. It beats getting a bill that’s for sure. If you would like to be my pen pal, just email me at

You can see some of my homemade envelopes in the picture above, which I keep in photo albums. I just have to flip through the photo album when trying to decided which envelope I want to use to send a particular person. I use address labels to write the address on the envelopes since there’s usually lots going on the actual envelope to write the address on. Then I seal the back of the envelope with tape.

I wanted to mail out by letters today. Unfortunately, I missed the mailman. I did receive some bills though.

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