October 7, 2011

Boneyard Bash Party

This is a continuation of “The Haunting of Past Halloween Parties!” post. Two thousand and nine was a big year for my husband and I, not only did we get married but we also purchased a home. It was no surprise that after throwing a Halloween party the year before at our apartment that we were going to throw another one in our new home. Our Halloween party was Boneyard Bash themed and I made some awesome glow in the dark “Don’t Forget Skeleton Hand” invitations, that you can learn how to make by clicking here.

I was extremely excited when I carved this pumpkin because it welcomed our close family and friends to our home. Unlike last years invitations were I separated both of our names I was now able to just say, “The Guzman’s” which represented the both of us!

This is our front porch Halloween decorations. The black curtains were made out of big black plastic trash bags.

Since I was throwing a Boneyard Bash party and the Day of the Dead is my favorite holiday, I thought it would be a great idea to have the hostess, me, dress up as a Calavera.

Amy, me, and Amanda

My Boneyard Bash guests. Who will be the best costume winner?

I made this best costume award ribbon to match the Boneyard Bash invitations. The BEST COSTUME letters glow in the dark too!

And the winner is…Kristen dressed as Pocahontas.

This was the best Halloween party my hubby and I have thrown so far! Oh, how I love Halloween!

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