October 23, 2011

Halloween House Party

This is my last post for “The Haunting of Past Halloween Parties” and it’s a very special party because it’s the one that got me addicted to throwing my own Halloween parties.

In 2007, my friend Abebra asked me if I would help her throw a Halloween party at her house and how could I resist. I made the invitations, which have become my favorite part of planning a Halloween party. As you have seen from my previous Halloween Party posts my invitations have gotten a little more elaborated since this one. Click here and here to see other invites. We printed the invitations on different color stock paper.

The party was hosted by, “3 HOT CHICKS.” Abebra got three of her friends to help her host the party. We had a DJ, which was the brother of one of the hostess, we had four costume contests, and all guest received emailed photographs of themselves with the party’s logo on it.

I had a great time helping plan the party and at the party! My friends enjoyed themselves thus I decided to throw Halloween parties when time and money permits.

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