January 31, 2012

Dear 30

I’ll be turning the big 3 0 in a few days and yesterday I wrote a letter to my upcoming 30 and this is what it said:

  Dear 30, 

Can you stay away a little bit longer? I know you’re just around the corner you little devil, but I’m not ready for you yet. There are so many things I wanted to accomplish before you reached me and only a few goals have been checked off my list. I will never forget my 20’s though; I did have a great time enjoying them. I graduated from college with my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Marketing, bought a house, and got married. You have some competition 30; however, I know you’ll bring me great surprises too, especially as I start my new career in Phlebotomy. At least I don’t look my age; I look younger! Thank goodness! I couldn’t deal with that too. I’m happy that I’m in a point in my life where I know what I want out of it. We will be heading in the right direction 30. 

Thirty, please treat me kindly these next 10 years. Try to give me lots of moments filled with laughter and happiness, always in good company. Keep me strong for the moments in life I have no control over and I promise I’ll have soft felt words when I say farewell to you too. I’ll see you bright and early on Groundhog’s day, for now I’ll just cling to what I have left of my 20’s until I have to say good-bye. Don’t forgot what I said, okay.

                                                Love 29 year old, Lizette 

I’m going to mail this letter to myself and plan to open it on my 40th birthday.

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