January 2, 2012

Resolutions for 2012

If the predictions are true, I’m going to make my last year in this world worth it. I want to learn how to do more things, love more, be nicer, etc. Plus, if nothing happens I have nothing to lose. I would of just made 2012 a great, wonderful, unforgettable year!

1. Make a blanket (king size)
2. Teach Belle new tricks
3. Re-deign my blog
4. Cook more (learn how to cook)
5. Phone family or write letters instead (not really a phone person)
6. Read more books (outside book club)
7. Find a job that makes me happy then… (accomplish goal #8)
8. Get pregnant
9. Printmaking, graphic design, paint more
10. Run not to lose weight but because you love it
11. Be nicer to customers at work even when they’re being mean (kill them with kindness)
12. Get a tattoo that means something
13. Play with different types of photography
14. Talk to God more
15. Start a diary
17. Drive the freeway
18. Clean out closest
19. Plant a garden
20. Make a wreath
21. Go to a concert
22. Run another race
24. Scrapbook
25. Learn how to crochet
26. Upcycled Crafts

Let the goal accomplishing begin!

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