October 18, 2012

Don’t Be Scared. They’re Made of Wax.

Before my firefighter and I went to see Iris from the Cirque du Soleil, in September, we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum, where you can see famous actors made of wax. And, where my firefighter and I enjoy being big goof balls when no one is looking. At this wax museum, they’re many wax actors from classic and popular horror movies. Movies that might be playing on your TV today! Movies that as I child scared me so much, I couldn’t go to bed without hiding my head under the covers and as adult where I keep (yes, present tense) the night light on to see what’s really in the hard. No matter how much they scare me, I still love watching a good scary movie any time of the year. My firefighter and I love scary movies. Here are some pictures from the wax museum courtesy of my firefighter.

At the Hollywood Wax Museum there’s no need to be scared. They’re made of wax! Thank goodness.

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