October 24, 2012

Halloween Swap: The Count Has Arrived!

I received an email today from my Halloween Costume Swap partner Amy, from the blog Pictures and Pillows, that her package just arrived! And, now I’m excited to reveal what I sent her. Amy wants to be a vampire for Halloween as you can tell from the pictures above. I really enjoyed making both the “I Bite” necklace and the bloodshot eyeball magnet for Amy. Amy said she, “Absolutely love it!” I’m thrilled to hear that! The elaborate tomb box with its locks, skull, rat, googly eye spider are a creation from the talented Debbie, from Snow Bunnies Ink. I use Debbie for many commission pieces. Her work adds the perfect final touch to what I have created. In Amy’s package I also included other goodies. A pumpkin scented candle, a tomb shaped cookie cutter, and of course a box of candy. It’s not Halloween without some candy.

As you have heard me say in previous swap posts I really enjoy participating in swaps. They help me create things I usually would not make. Think out of the box. I get to explore new mediums I haven’t had to chance to play with yet. I'm excited for the next swap. A Christmas themed swap!

I will be posting pictures of more Halloween Costume Swap pieces soon, as they gradually make their destination.


  1. Love it! I have some photos coming your way soon!

  2. How exciting! You did such a great job I was holding my breath waiting for Amy to receive her gift too! Thank you for the nice things you said about my creations for you and the link to my shop.


  3. i'm so happy with the gift and can't wait to show it all off at halloween! I hope you get yours soon. The coffin box is really cool too debbie. thank you.


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