October 31, 2012

Halloween Weekend with My Little Brother

I don’t get to see my little brother Andy as much as I want to. But last weekend, October 26 and 27, my firefighter and I had him over at our house.

On Friday, we carved a pumpkin together. Andy came up with the design.

We roasted our pumpkin seeds. Andy said they tasted like sweet popcorn. I used a Sweet and Salty Pumpkin Seed recipe from online.

We made Apple Pie Shakes with apple cider. It was easy to make and tasted good. You can find the recipe behind the Alpine Spiced Apple Cider box.

On Saturday, we went to the first showing of Paranormal Activity 4. It wasn’t as good as the last ones and like always the shakiness made me nauseous. The movie plot just seemed to be thrown together just to make another Paranormal.

When we got home, Andy painted an eyeball for his eyeball candy jar. I spray-painted the lid of a pickle jar and a candlestick holder, glued everything together, and added peanut butter chocolate eyeballs in the jar. Andy liked the way it turned out and thought it was cool. No kid can leave my house without doing some arts and crafts.

While Andy played video games with my firefighter, I made pumpkin cookies for work’s Halloween potluck on Sunday.

Andy had so much fun with my firefighter and I. While driving him back home Saturday night, he had a sad face. Poor kid didn't want to go home.


  1. I want a Halloween weekend at Lizette's! Looks like so much fun

    1. Whenever you're in CA, you're welcome to my casa to visit and do crafts!

  2. What a great sister you are! You do with him what I do with my nieces when they come to "Camp Aunt Patti". No wonder he didn't want to leave!


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