January 8, 2013

Day 8 of Creative Christmas: Little Monster Scrapbook

I would have loved to be at my nephew Isaac’s first birthday party, in Spain. But I felt like I was there. My sister was very good about posting many photographs of Isaac’s Monster Bash themed birthday party on facebook, making family feel like they were a part of his special celebration. Though we couldn’t attend, our heart was there.

As I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Isaac’s Monster Bash, I was inspired by the little red monster on Isaac’s t-shirt, and wanted to make him something with the little monster incorporated in it. A monster frame, a stuffed monster...a little monster scrapbook! Perfect! Aurelia, my sister, could put all of her favorite photos of Isaac’s party in it.

I used different color poke a dot paper and monster themed paper for the inside of the book. My favorite part of the scrapbook is making the front of it look exactly like the little monster on Isaac’s birthday t-shirt and the googly eyes. Googly eyes make things more googly fun. I added blue feet and a little tail to the back of the book with a butt embroidered message - Love Auntie Lizette 2012. He’ll always remember Auntie Lizette made it for him.

Isaac received his little monster scrapbook for Christmas. Maybe this will be my Christmas tradition for Isaac, receiving a scrapbook inspired by that year’s themed birthday party. Good idea? What do you think?


  1. That is amazing. I absolutely love how fun and bright it looks. :)

    1. Hopefully, I'll get motivated to make some more. This time for myself. I want to scrapbook pictures but big pages intimidate me.


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