January 7, 2013

Day 7 of Creative Christmas: A Thrifted Gift

I personalized this thrifted Dr. Seuss blanket for my nephew Isaac, who lives in Spain, for Christmas with alphabetical stamps and oil base paint. Isaac’s room is covered wall to wall with De. Seuss inspired characters and scenery. My little sister Aurelia, with the help of her husband, painted the room. Being artistic runs in the family.

I had originally wanted to make Isaac a blanket when he was first born, September 2011, but one day while thrifting I came upon a homemade Dr. Seuss blanket and I knew it was perfect for Isaac. My sister and I are not picking when it come to used items. As kids, my parents took my sister, my brother Chuy, and I to thrift stores, garage sells, and swap meets. We are no strangers to used treasures. As adults, we enjoy going to these places with our spouses and children, or alone like I usually do. I love the opportunities when I get to see my siblings and go thrifting together. It brings back so many fond memories.

I didn’t send Isaac the Dr. Seuss blanket in 2011 because it was too big for a newborn and I hadn’t gotten a chance to sew together the stitches that were coming apart. My goal of making at least twelve homemade gifts for family and friends encouraged me to finally stitch up the blanket, personalize it, and send it to Isaac for Christmas. The blanket could be use for picnics, as a rug to play on, cuddle time with mommy and daddy, and in the future would cover his twin size bed. It also matches his awesome Dr. Seuss themed room perfectly!

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