January 11, 2013

Day 9 of Creative Christmas: Embroidered Oven Mitt

This oven mitt with a picture of three snowmen sledding together went to my sister Aurelia and her husband Steven for Christmas. I embroidered the names of my sister’s family, Steven, Aurelia, & Isaac, above the heads of each snowman, made French knots over some of the falling snow, and sewed miniature buttons on each snowman.

I had this oven mitt left over from a year when I made cookies and gave them to some clients of mine; I was doing freelance work for. I original wanted to make my sister and her husband a family monster ornament to match Isaac’s little monster scrapbook but I ran out of time, especially since I had to mail their package to Spain, where my brother-in-law is stationed. When I found the snowmen oven mitt with daddy, mommy, and baby snowmen on it I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Though not much work was involved embroidery it, I love how it turned out.

I added some of my homemade pretzels dipped in chocolate in the pocket of the oven mitt for them to enjoy. The oven mitt was the last item I needed before shipping my sister’s package to Spain. Everything in their Christmas package was homemade, the personalized Dr. Seuss blanket, the little monster scrapbook, and the embroidered oven mitt. I haven’t spoken to my sister yet but I have a good feeling they loved their gifts. She is a crafter like me by the way.

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