January 13, 2013

Day 10 of Creative Christmas: From Belle

Belle here! I’m the beautiful furry beast that resides in this house.

On Christmas day, my crazy lovable mom decided I should give out gifts to my dog friends and family. That’s mom for you. I only agreed because I got to sample the oatmeal dog treats again while she put everything together. Sorry about the burry picture. I don’t know why mom insists in taking pictures of me while I’m eating. I’m too busy enjoying my treat to concentrate on looking cute and adorable.

Mom made the oatmeal treats from a dog treat kit grandma gave me. She made extra treats than the box stated and unfortunately was told I was going to have to share with my friends. I did get to sample those fresh out of the oven though and Dad sunk some out of the container for me. Don’t tell Mom.

Mom can never make things simple. She took out the left over cards from my dog birthday party to use as dog Christmas cards. With my help, she wrote a little Christmas message in the cards. I came up with “Have a Barking good Christmas.” Yes, I’m clever and beautiful. Dogs don’t have a Merry Christmas, there’s always some type of barking involved. Each card was signed with my paw signature. I tell you; those dogs of mine are lucky to be my friends. Okay, and vise versa.

Mom wants to make dog treats for Valentine’s Day too. “Deal” I said! I’ll do anything for a treat.

Gotta go, Mommy has a treat for me! Hopefully, you’ll hear from me again soon.

1 comment:

  1. Belle, you have such a silly mom! You are a lucky dog to have a mom (and dad) that will spend time with you and help you make holiday treats for your family and dog friends. Your oatmeal treats looked delish and the best part is always tasting them when they are fresh from the oven. I can hardly wait to see what your valentine treats will look like. Please share with us again!

    Your friend (and your mom's), Debbie


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