November 12, 2012

A Star Is Born

Jackie, one of my employees, had her first baby in September. While pregnant, I kept inquiring what nursery themed she was going to have for her baby boy, for baby shower gift ideas. For a while she was playing with the idea of a galaxy theme. No aliens or spaceships though. She liked the idea of planets and stars. 

Being a cross-stitch lover, I went on the search  for the perfect cross-stitch kit, with a galaxy theme, on Etsy, Amazon, and ebay. After wish listing many kits, I decided on “A Star Is Born” kit on ebay. The only problem, I would not be able to give Jackie this gift into her baby was born and I didn’t even know the baby’s name. Jackie was being secretive about it. 

I couldn’t give Jackie the cross-stitch at her baby shower. I did give her a moon nightlight and a frame, all matching the moon and star theme like the cross-stitch I was working on. At the baby shower, there was a banner revealing Jackie’s baby’s name – Orion Kai. Orion Kai! Like Orion’s Belt! Then it hit me; no wonder she was thinking of a galaxy theme nursery. I showed Jackie my progress on the cross-stitch kit and she liked what she saw so far.

A few days ago, I finished Orion’s cross-stitch baby announcement. I replaced the plastic hoop the kit came with for a wood one I painted in dark blue. I can’t wait to see Jackie’s expression when she sees it. I’m even more excited that this 5-inch hoop will adorn little Orion’s room as he grows.


  1. This is beautiful!! You have created an heirloom for Jackie and Orion that they can treasure and pass down for many generations to come!

    Debbie :)


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