November 26, 2012


One place that is always open on Thanksgiving is the movie theatre, where I spend my Thanksgiving Day working. At work, we had a potluck. It was a sad potluck table, where my blackberry pie was the only delicious food to consume. We needed plates for the pie and while I was at the near by grocery store just across the street, I was thrilled to find a mini Thanksgiving feast with slices of turkey, mashed potato and gravy, and stuffing for $4. I ate half of it on my meal and decided to eat the rest for dinner with a slice of pecan pie; instead of the Marie Callender’s turkey potpie my firefighter had got for me to enjoy for Thanksgiving.

Yes, no big family thanksgiving dinner for me. My firefighter also had to work on Thanksgiving. I was in good company though, my lovable hairy friend Belle. I’m so grateful for Belle. For always welcoming home from work at the door with her wagging tail, making me laugh, our cuddling time together, how quick she learns new tricks, and for making days like this less lonely. On Thanksgiving, Belle was one of the things I was very thankful for.

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  1. My thanksgiving was really small as well! Luckily, I had the day off work, but I ended up throwing together a casserole with leftovers and buying a box tofurky at the grocery store. Not the most delicious meal of my life.


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