November 15, 2012

Yee Haw with The Bookies

I know this is kind of late, but I recently got a hold of these pictures of us gals at October’s The Bookies book club meeting, that we had on Sunday, October 28th.

I really wanted to be a bumblebee for October’s book club. Due to lack of time, it didn’t happen. Maybe, I’ll be a bumblebee in February since I want to make Bee Mine Valentine’s Day cards.

There was no way I was going to book club without a costume. Dressing up is the best part of Halloween! After you grow up, you seem not to care for candy as much anymore. The day before my book club meeting I had to search my closet and my Halloween tote in the garage to see what I could scrounge up. Surprisingly, I had everything at home to be a cowgirl.

Disney’s Woody was sitting on my bookshelf; the Wrangler’s t-shirt was in the closet, which I got from my mom. The straw hat I got a few years ago at the 99 cent store just in case I ever wanted to be a cowgirl for Halloween. Sometimes you just have to think ahead. The boots were a gift for my aunt up north, who lives on a farm. I’ll be mailing her a picture of me as a cowgirl. I know she’ll get a good kick out of it. The horse on a stick (also from the 99 cent store) and toy gun (I got from a friend when he was moving out) I found in my Halloween tote. The tote stores my old Halloween costumes and many Halloween accessories, which I purchased for guests to wear if they didn’t come in a costume for one of my Halloween parties.

Amanda dressed up as Mrs. Lovett, with her meaty pie. Regina’s costume was inspired by the Day of the Dead, and Amy wore an “I survived a Hunted House” pin, made by Amanda. Amy actually did survive a hunted house! Okay, maybe not a real one. Amy writes for our local newspaper and had to write a review on a fake hunted house.

All the Bookies costumes were homemade. Yee Haw, for homemade costumes!

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