November 19, 2012

Halloween in Wonderland

For Halloween, I joined Amanda and Christi at High Desert Church, in Victorville, CA, to pass out candy for their Blocktober event. We passed out bags and bags of candy at the Trunk or Treat section.

Amanda had mentioned that she wanted to be the Mad Hatter for Halloween and her mom Christi would be the White Rabbit with a fluffy tail and bunny ears for their church’s Halloween event. When they invited me to join, I suggested that we should decorate Amanda’s trunk in an Alice in Wonderland theme and I would dress up as the Queen of Hearts.

Amanda and I decided to decorate her trunk with teapots, teacups, and a “Tea Party Here” sign for a tea party theme. Amanda and I painted the cardboard decorations and Amanda out lined everything in glow in the dark puffy paint. Parents and their children enjoyed our themed trunk and asked us if we would take pictures with their children.

Amanda with the help of Christi made the Mad Hatter costume out of dresses Amanda wasn’t wearing any more. Amanda decorated her Mad Hatter hat and I stamped the bottom of her dress with my “Let’s Talk Over Tea” hand craved linoleum stamp. Amanda received many compliments on her homemade Mad Hatter costume. Christi’s White Rabbit costume was complete with a pocket watch Amanda made for her mom from cardboard and rope. My Queen of Hearts costume was an old costume I had already worn. The costume was too short and not appropriate for a church event so I wore white leggings and sewed felt hearts on the knees. I made the Queen of Hearts wand and was finally able to use it. The first time I wore the Queen of Hearts costume I forgot my homemade wand at home. I love the way accessories add more personality to costumes!

We had so much fun passing out candy and seeing people of all ages in different Halloween costumes. As we passed out candy, we keep throwing out ideas of what theme we should do next year. Maybe princesses, circus, bugs (butterfly, bee, and ladybug), peter pan…

I can’t wait for next years Blocktober event. Is it Halloween yet again?


  1. Your costumes look great!!!!! Doing Halloween festivities with kids are the best. It somehow makes it more exciting.


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