December 8, 2012

New Ornaments from Ornament Swap

This week I received two new handmade ornaments from both of my partners from the Ornament Swap Emily and I put together. I received a bulb ornaments with different colored hippos painted around it and in between some of them have a flower, a camera, a music note, a heart, and a ball. One hippo even looks like a tiger. I told Diane my favorite animals are hippos and I don’t have a favorite color. I love them all. It was love at first sight when hippos became my favorite animal. My dad took my siblings and I took the LA Zoo when we were kids and I saw this huge gray mass in a tank under water. I don’t know what attracted me to hippos but I just love them. The ornament made its arrival on a perfect day, December 5th. I was having a bad day. I had gotten home from the Chiropractor who told me that my neck was out of ligament and he would have to see me three times a week. My firefighter also told me the Christmas wreath we had made from real pine tree clippings that was hanging on our fireplace had fallen and broken one of my firehouses. From all that negative stuff, my hippo ornament brightened up my day.

The other ornament I received was from Tristin. I made her the “Princess in Tower” ornament, which she received yesterday and loved. Tristin made me a sock monkey with a mustache made out of clay and bottle caps that said, “Stashing through the snow…” and “2012.” I’m very proud of Tristin. I know she was having trouble with the ornament swap. She says she isn’t crafty but she is. She did a wonderful job making me my ornament, even though her husband helped her a little. I love my sock monkey ornament! I love sock monkeys because they are one of those old homemade toys, made out of socks. For some weird reason I also love mustaches. They make me laugh.

Do you have a homemade ornament hanging on your Christmas tree this year? I have two new ones I absolutely love. Thank you Diane and Tristin!

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