December 31, 2012

See You Next Year / Day 5 of Creative Christmas

People keep saying, “See you next year!” and it sounds unreal and weird to me. When they say it I literally feel like their saying I won’t see them for a whole year, even though I know what they really mean.

I have so much more to do before this year is over. Too late now! Tomorrow is a new year and here I am still trying to share my Twelve Days of Creative Christmas gifts I made for family and friends and trying to write a cover letter for a possible job in hopes of a career change for the new year, a goal I had hoped to had achieved this year. Like prepaid cell phone minutes rolling over when unused, many of my 2012 goals will be rolling over to 2013. However, instead of having yearly goals I’ll be taking baby steps and spreading them throughout the year, one goal or more a month.

For now, here’s another creative Christmas gift I made. Enjoy, and I’ll see you next year!

One of my favorite handmade gifts went to my dad and mom (step mom). It was a cross stitch of two bears having a picnic with the word, “I LOVE YOU BEARY MUCH” around them. I found the cross stitch kit on eBay, where I tend to find many of my vintage kits. I actually finished the kit in November and I just needed to cover the back of the hoop with felt, with an embroidered message. With my crazy holiday work schedule I couldn’t mail my parents gift on time. Try working at a place, a movie theatre, which opens every single day. I went into work before the post office opened and got off after it closed. I felt awful when I called them the Saturday before Christmas to let them know I had received their gift and theirs wouldn’t arrive on time for Christmas. They’re my parents and naturally were very understanding. They’ll receive their gifts today! Hopefully, it was worth the wait.

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