December 30, 2012

Twelve Days of Creative Christmas: Day 4

For my Secret Santa at work I made the person I got, Nicole, a homemade gift that conveyed warmth and love. Gloves and Starbucks were some of the items she wrote down on her Dear Santa list. I made Nicole a heart chalkboard mug, heart gloves, and I got her a Starbucks gift card.

My firefighter helped me spray paint the chalkboard mug with chalk paint. I’m not very good at spray painting items. I tend to get drip marks on items I spray paint. I’ve made this type of chalkboard mug before and the recipient loved it. I have seen online the half hearts on gloves that when cupped together create a whole heart and I had to make a pair for for Nicole. Sewing half the hearts on the gloves was tricky. I keep sewing the gloves together.

I put the gift card and gloves in the chalkboard mug and wrote her name on the mug with chalk. Nicole got to her Secret Santa gift at our Christmas party at Chuck E. Cheese. She said she like her gift. She didn’t even get a chance to ask who her Secret Santa was. A co-worker watching her open her gift happily told her, “Mrs. Guzman made those (the gloves).” Every year my employees hope I get them for Secret Santa because they know I’ll make something just for them.

Like thinking ahead, this homemade gift would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

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