April 6, 2011

Bad Day, Good Day

Yesterday, I had a very interesting day. At work, the chaos began with a black out. The bad, good, and ugly can out of working in customer service. I had understanding customers and those that just make you want to walk out and say, "I quit!" But lucky, I work with a great group of people, that like myself try to play it cool under pressure. At least, I can admit that the sucky parts of my job has made me learn how to think quick on my feet. After the storm was over, I though to myself... well I can finally use those Dookey Key Covers that I was saving for a crappy day to do a giveaway on my blog.

So, here it goes...


The FIRST 4 PEOPLE who leave me a comment sharing a crappy day they had and how it got better, if it did, will get 1 Dookey Key Cover. Please don't forget to included your email address so I may contact you for your mailing address. I know that there's 6 key coves but I am keeping one for myself and mailing one out to my brother for his work keys. He has crappy work days too.

When I arrived home from work and read my emails, like always, I was thrilled to see that one of my headbands from my new Etsy shop "Que Bownita" was included in a treasury titled, "Ready to Play??" The treasury reminds me of the fun, bright, and happy childhood colors. Talk about a nice surprise after a crazy work day.

While typing this post and trying to link everything. I noticed that someone else included another one of my headband on a Etsy treasury! Wow, what a turn of events! I'm so excited! This treasury is titled, "Newbies - New shops - Support Handmade."

I hope everyone has a great today!

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