April 1, 2011

Instant Memories To Go

I finally put my Polaroid themed items on my shop! I made two brooches and one magnet. I had them done since Christmas but hadn’t had a chance to take pictures of them and do all that good stuff you need to do to get your items up on Etsy. I finally got a chance to put them up today since it’s my day off. I have three more Polaroid themed brooches I want to create. My goal is to get them done is month. I love making these because I’m one of those people who always carry their camera with them wherever they go. Plus, I love wearing brooches too! My family and friends call me the crazy tourists because I take so many pictures.

This one I sold in September 2010. I want to make a new one that says, “Family Paparazzi” for people like me!

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