April 21, 2011

Reading Patch of Honor

In my book club “The Bookies” when we celebrate our anniversary as a club we sew Girl Scout patches onto our book club tote bag. The patches represent each year will have been in the book club. In July, the Bookies will be celebrating two years as a book club. Last years patch and the first Bookies patch was of a little girl sitting on a chair reading a book with the word READING above her head. I got the first patch on Etsy at HeyYoYo. This year’s patch I found on eBay at troopmoore, who sells all types of Girl Scout patches. This patch says, “I Love Books” with a picture of a heart and an open book. I’ll hand out this year’s patch to the all the girls in July when we celebrate our second anniversary as a book club. Troopmoore even sells swap patches too! I’m thinking of getting one to use for my next swap activity.

Currently, I’ve been going a little crazy buying reading themed patches and pins for my Bookies tote bag. I got one new vintage patch for myself on eBay to sew on my tote bag when I finished reading some borrowed books, outside book club reading, that are laying around my house. Once I’m done reading my borrowed book, I’m sewing the little patch on my bag as my own personal reward. The patch has a picture of three stacked books and an open one. I also got two new reading pins, one that says, “I’m Bats for Reading” and other one is of Raggedy Andy sitting reading a book.

It’s fun to see what new pins the Bookies’ members have on their tote bag at our book club meetings. I got a few pins done on Etsy at Love Badge with our Bookies logo on them, which I designed, as prizes for when I host a book club meeting at my house. However, I’m going to have to get some more done since all the girls want one now. The Bookies logo is also silk screened on our tote bags . We got our totes at Michaels and a local clothing designer, Nate from Vatican clothing, was nice enough to silk screen our logo onto a dozen tote bags for a reasonable prize.

Having the Bookies tote bags, pins, and yearly patches really makes us feel like an official club. Are you part of a club and if so what fun things does your club do? I’ll love to know.

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