September 26, 2011

Look forward to Mondays with Movie Mondays

I’m not a Monday person at all unless I happen to have the day off from work that day. Thanks to Emily from the morose bee I have something to look forward to every Monday now. Movie Mondays over at the morose bee! Every Monday, Emily posts pictures of items from Etsy sellers and you have to guess which movie they correspond to. What a bright idea! The cool part is that if you win you get to choose any item from her Etsy shop. I have been a winner three times.

Movies I have guessed right on are The Wizard of Oz, Kick Ass, and Mary Poppins. Today is Monday so head over to the morose bee and try to figure out the movie of the week. You can be a winner just like me! I chose both the Speech Bubble necklace and the Strawberry necklace as my prizes from the morose bee shop on Etsy. Emily's jewelry is fun and unique and I have gotten lots of positive comments on my necklaces from customers at work, especially the speech bubble since I can write whatever I want on it. Go take a look at her Esty shop; you might not to wait for Movie Mondays to own one of your own.

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