July 14, 2012

My Inner Nerdiness

Yesterday, I wore a fun outfit to express my inner nerdiness. I wore my stripped Hello Kitty t-shirt, it said “I Love Nerds,” black shorts, and suspenders. If I had only worn my glasses the outfit would be complete. I wore the outfit to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants “La Casita” to get a gift certificate for my friend’s birthday party I was heading to. While waiting in line to get the certificate, I felt like people were staring at me and imagined they would laugh and comment on how foolish I looked once I left. Then again, it might have been all in my head. I think we’re sometimes too scared to be ourselves around strangers because of what they might think. When we shouldn’t really care because we are not hurting anyone and we should wear and do what makes us happy. My outfit choice was out of my element though. These past months I’ve realized I’ve become more adventurous in my outfit choices. As I walked out of La Casita, I catch a glimpse of myself in the restaurant’s window and I realized I looked fine for me. My outfit is fun, silly, and outgoing; it’s me! One of my friends reassured me on my outfit choice when she told me I looked cute. The way I see it I’m might as well enjoy I can pull this outfit off at thirty. I’m glad I decided to wear my inner nerd outfit and I will wear it again, proudly!

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