October 9, 2012

It’s on its way!

I mailed my Halloween Costume Swap package today to the United Kingdom. Hopefully, I won’t have the same shipping delay I did with my last swap. It took two months to reach Canada!

To let Amy, my Halloween swap partner, know her package is almost on its way, I sent her this postcard last week. Not sure if shes gotten it yet. At work, we were handling out Frankenweenie collectors cards to customers and I took a set for myself. I made one of the cards with a vampire cat on it into a postcard. I chose that particular card design because it kind of went with what Amy wants to be for Halloween - a vampire. I added googly eyes to the vampire cat, glued bat confetti to the card, painted the moon with glow in the dark paint, and added other fun touches.

The back of the postcard is my favorite, with the text in a gooey falling substance. I used sticker paper for the back of the postcard. I whole punched our names on the sticker paper before sticking it to the back of the collector’s card. I drew a bat with a thought bubble saying, “Hi!” and behind it a moon. In one of the gooey substances, I wrote in capital letters, “ALMOST ON ITS WAY! HOPE THE ANTICIPATION ISN’T KILLIN YOU?”

I hope this postcard makes Amy excited about what’s coming her way. I know I am! About what’s coming my way too!


  1. What a cute idea! I am mailing mine out tomorrow!

  2. I received the post card today, thank you, its soo awesome! posted your gift today too :)


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