November 2, 2013

Sugar Skull Cake & Cupcakes

For my Day of the Dead/Frida Kahlo themed birthday party in February my friend Amanda made me a carrot cake (my favorite cake flavor) in the shape of a sugar skull. She used a skull shaped pan. She also made the cupcakes and the flower tissue cupcake toppers. I commissioned my friend Debbie to make me some colorful sugar skull toppers. Everything tasted delicious and looked great!

My 31st birthday was a memorable one because I have great friends who were willing to use their
creativity and talent to help me celebrate another year of life, my way. It made me feel loved. I saved all the flower tissue cupcake toppers and the sugar skull toppers. I even dug some out of the trashcan to save. You can get your own sugar skull toppers (or holiday toppers) at Debbie’s Etsy shop, SnowBuddiesInk. Check out Amanda’s Etsy shop too, called ArtisticAmanda.

Today is the last day of Day of the Dead. Let’s not only celebrate and honor the lives of those who have passed away but remember to celebrate life with the ones you love everyday. Life is short. Enjoy it damn it!

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