April 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary Cinemark Jess Ranch!

I work at a movie theater and today we celebrated our second year anniversary of being open with a potluck, even though tomorrow is the actual anniversary. Since I got a small cash prize for winning 4th place for a Rango promotion, I decided to buy my great staff two cakes, a Cars cake and a Transformers cake. I wanted both cakes to be of up coming movies. The Cars cake was white cake with strawberry filling and white butter cream icing. The Transformers cake was chocolate with raspberry filling and chocolate truffle icing. The potluck turned out great with a few employees who brought some delicious homemade dishes.

The “dancing concession snacks” on the wall is a mural that one of my artistic employees, Brandon, and I have been working on. We still need to paint the dancing popcorn bag. When we are done, all the employees that have been working at the theater for two years get to paint a star with their name on it and the date they were hired. I can’t wait to finally get the mural done!

I love my employees and I’m glad I can do fun activities that make them feel appreciated.

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