January 6, 2012

Book Review: "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins

I heard so many good things about “the Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, from my employees at work that I had to read it to see if it was true. I borrowed the book from one of my employees and read it in a few days. I couldn’t put it down. They were right the book is good!

I just finished reading it today and I’m ready to dive into second book, “Catching Fire.” “The Hunger Games” is well written and an easy read. In what use to be North America sits the nation of Panem, where every year the government known as the Capitol forces one girl and one boy, ages 12-18, from the Capitol's 12 districts to fight to the death in the Hunger Games as their survival is broadcasted on live TV. The Hunger Games is a scary reminded that the Capitol controls people’s lives. I fell in love with the main characters, Katniss and Peeta, and some of the other tributes (contestants) in the arena.

As you read the book you’ll start thinking if you have the skills, if any, to survive in the arena and if you could survive at all. Who will you be rooting for in the Hunger Games?

If you have already read “The Hunger Games” and liked it, I highly recommend “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver. In “Delirium” the government uses another method to control people’s lives. You’ll see lots of similarities between both books.

I’m happy to say that this is the first book I have read outside of my book club, for this year. I’m gradually, accomplishing my New Year resolutions!

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