June 24, 2012

Artist Swap: Inspired by James Ryman

Since we had an uneven number of participates for the Artist Swap, Emily was nice enough to take on another partner. Her other partner other than myself was Chris Murray who chose artist James Ryman as one of his favorite artist. James does fantasy art and uses digital, painting, and airbrushing to create his artwork. Check out his artwork here. On his site he has two digit pieces titled, “Student Body” and "Face Food” which inspired the bowl Emily made. If you haven’t guessed it, there are zombies in the artwork. My favorite from both is “Student Body.” Plus, I like the clever title.

When I asked Chris to email me pictures of his Zombie bowl that he kept bragging about he stated in his email, “It’s so cool. It’s the best and only bowl I’ve ever received.” It is obvious to say that Emily surpassed Chris' expectations of this swap. He is eagerly awaiting the next.

Check out what Chris made from Emily for the Artist Swap here.  Chris Murray is also a creative genius; check out his blog here.

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