June 14, 2012

Returning Victoriously

I’ve missed you so my blog readers but I’ve returned victoriously! While I neglected you, I was going to school to become a certified Phlebotomist. And, what an interesting journey it was. Not only had I been out of school for 5 years the teacher was the worst teacher I had ever encountered. He was so disrespectful, negative, and didn’t even hand out work sheets or give us quizzes to prepare us for our Phlebotomy National. I have never studied my little heart out like I did for this class. Though all the headaches, fears, and countless hours of studying and neglecting my husband as well as you; I’m proud to say that I passed my Phlebotomy National with an 85% (only needed a 70% to pass) and successfully completed my 40 hours of clinicals! 

There is no way I would have been able to do this without God, the support of my firefighter (my husband), and family and friends. It’s during times like this that you realize who your true friends are, especially when I needed to bring in four friends to draw blood on. My firefighter who hates to donate blood was my first victim. My co-workers, who I consider my second family, were constantly encouraging me with positive words. To celebrate my huge accomplishment, my co-workers got me a delicious carrot cake with pink blood drops around it and Debbie made the awesome banner for the cake. Look at the little skull in the middle of the banner with flowers for eyes; Debbie knows me so well. Debbie makes other awesome cake/cupcake decorations too, check out her Etsy shop here

Now, that I have returned I plan to shower you with blog posts! 
It’s good to be back.


  1. YAY - so happy to see your smiling face. Congrats on the test - now on to the next step in your journey, eh?

  2. Sweet Patti, My goal is to get a Phlebotomy job at one of the local hospitals and I would love to see some little Guzmans running around the house soon!

  3. My friend, you worked so hard and I never doubted your success! It's great to see you back. We've missed you! Thank you for including my shop in your blog!



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