December 3, 2012

Christmas Mood Up In Here, Up In Here

I’m feeling quite cheery today. Most of my Christmas decorations are up and I’m totally into the Christmas spirit this year. Last year, my firefighter and I didn’t put up the Christmas tree. We had gotten new furniture for our small living room last year and that’s where we put our Christmas tree. Since the tree is big we thought there wouldn’t be enough room for it. Were we wrong! I took the coffee table out and wallah hello Christmas tree!

To be honest I’m starting to enjoy the holidays again because this might be my firefighter and mine last Christmas together, just him and I. Oh, don’t freak out! We’re happily married. My firefighter and I have decided it’s time to add to our family. Smiling sheepishly. If it is in God’s plan, there will be another stocking hanging off the fireplace next year.

For now, I’m enjoying life as it is. However, as I decorate for Christmas I catch myself day dreaming of little hands helping me put ornaments on the Christmas tree, baby’s first ornament, baking cookies for Santa, pictures with Santa…. oh I can’t wait!


  1. SO EXCITING!!!!!

    Best of luck to you!

  2. This post brought tears to my eyes! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see what the New Year (maybe the last of this year!) brings for you and your firefighter!



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