July 5, 2018

Magazine Review on Bravery’s Frida Kahlo Issue

Towards the end of June and early July, I read my daughter Lily books on Frida Kahlo. I choose this time because Frida’s birthday is on July 6th. Last year, we celebrated Frida’s birthday with activities that included coloring pages, unibrow photo props, and Frida tattoos. 


Our Frida activities from last year.

I taught Lily about Frida Kahlo when she was two years old. She was able to recognize Frida in illustrated form and in photographs. We own a small collection of Frida books. We also check out books from our local library. This year instead of adding a book to our Frida reading collection we added a magazine - Bravery Magazine's third issue featuring Frida Kahlo. I stumbled upon Bravery Magazine on Solly Baby Wraps Instagram account. When I saw Elle, the owner of Solly Baby Wraps, flip through the Frida issue in her IG Story, I immediately knew I had to have one for myself. I mean of my daughter. When it arrived, my daughter saw it and asked me to read her the “new Frida book” right away.

Bravery's Frida issue includes beautiful and colorful illustrations to go along with Frida’s life story, DIYs, lots of activities, kids art submissions, and an adult section at the end. Since we celebrate Frida Kahlo’s birthday with fun and creative activities, this magazine has become a great addition to our library. 

Below are a few of the activities Lily did from Bravery magazine.

DIY Textured Painting

Lily's finished textured piece.

 Kids Submissions & Lily’s own rendition of Frida Kahlo

Frida Flower Crown

Instead of using real flowers as the magazine suggested, I cut out some scrapbooking paper flowers and had Lily glue them on Frida’s hair. 

We combined the textured painting and the Frida flower crown activity to create this cool Frida piece above. Lily insisted that I draw another ear and earring on Frida because they were missing. I can't wait to frame it and hang it in her room.

Frida Coloring Page 

I made copies of the activities to preserve the magazines condition because I absolutely love Bravery’s issue of Frida Kahlo. I’m looking forward to seeing the issue of Frida Kahlo grow with Lily and see how each activity she does changes with each coming year. 

My favorite part of the magazine are all the illustrations, even the kids art submissions. I enjoy seeing how each illustrator uses their own style to portray Frida. I also love the overall message the magazine coveys. If your are a Frida Kahlo fan like myself you’ll love Bravery’s Frida Kahlo issue; I promise, especially if you have kids. 

Ashley and Elyse, creators of Bravery magazine, were nice enough to send Bee Creative Swap a copy of their Frida Kahlo issue to go along with our Viva La Frida Giveaway. Click here to enter the giveaway or enjoy your own copy right away and purchase it here.

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