June 28, 2011

Just The Three Of Us

My husband and I rarely get days off together due to his work schedule. I had requested two days off of work but it just happened that my plans for those days fell through and I got to spend much needed family time with my husband and my dog Belle.

On day one off, Belle got her first and much needed fur cut. She looks so much younger with her hair shorter. My husband barbecued hamburgers and sausages and we listen to some good music as we enjoyed our alcoholic beverages, since we didn’t have to work the next day. We finished the night crashing on the couch watching scary movies on Netflicks.

On day two off I became addicted to cross-stitching. My husband declared our last day together off lazy day. He said it was too hot to go anywhere. So, I took out a cross-stitching kit called, “My 1st Stitch” which I purchased at Joann’s fabric and craft store and began to teach myself to cross-stitch. Cross-stitching is the easiest thing ever and you can do it while watching TV without worrying about pricking yourself with the needle. I haven’t even finished my first cross-stitching project and I already purchased two more kits online.

I enjoyed our two days off together very much even if we did just stay at home. I promise my hubby that once a month I would request two days off when he’s home so we can send more quality time together.

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