June 17, 2011

Walk in the Park

My hubby and I took Belle, our Australian Shepherd/Collie mix, with us to the local park on Sunday, June 11th. She behaved as we drove to the park. For some reason she drools a lot when taking her anywhere in the car and I had to take a blanket to avoid getting drool everywhere.

While at the park we feed the ducks and geese bread. I don’t like to get too close to the geese because they scare me, especially when they hiss. When feeding the ducks and geese, the geese began to hiss at me because I wasn’t throwing enough bread towards them. I had my hubby bring Belle where I was and that sure kept them at a safe distance. There was also an air show nearby were people we flying their toy airplanes, which we hubby loves watching. He has a toy helicopter at home. As we finished up the bread feeding the ducks we spotted a gopher looking out of it’s whole. Isn’t he a cute critter?

After our walk in the park, we headed home and I was glad for that blanket in the car.

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