September 8, 2013

From Belle: Mom & Dad Saved A Life Three Years Ago

I ate dog cake on Wednesday! Oh, getting ahead of my dogself but it’s me Belle! Three years ago, mom and dad adopted me in front of Petsmart. That’s how they saved my life. Mom counts my adoption day as my birthday.

When mom got home from work on Wednesday and mentioned “cookie” to dad I knew “cookie” was for me. Mom got me “The Original PUP-PIE Natural Wheat & Corn Free Pie-Shaped Treat for Dogs” from Petsmart. Wow, that was a mouthful. Mom showed me my cake and I was dieing to eat it. Sesame seed sprinkles, frosting, pumpkin and peanut butter oven baked cake…give me, give me, give me! Peanut butter is my fav!

Camera came out and I was like, “no mom just give me my cake!” To make matters worse she took out one of my birthday hats from my first birthday party for me to wear. I tried to shake it off but mom was determined for me to keep it on. Once I got a sniff of my cake I didn’t care about the hat anymore. What hat? I got to eat three delicious slices.

As I write this, I’m eating another slice of cake. Don’t tell mom. It’s our little secret.

1 comment:

  1. Happy belated birthday Belle! You're one lucky duck, er, uh, I mean dog! You have the bestest mom and dad to celebrate your birthday with you!


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