July 25, 2013

Course of the Force: Events Leading to Holding the Lightsaber

With the help of family and friends, Kristal and I were able to earn $185 for Make-A-Wish Foundation through our Course of the Force fund site! I was able to make a $70 donation thanks to all the Cinemark Jess Ranch employees that donated their loose change, their recyclables, my fireman who drank lots of beers, and other close friends. I am touched by the teamwork and generosity of my employees who collected recyclables at work for this charity. The bed of my truck was filled with recyclables donated.

You can still make a donation if interested; click here.

Friday, June 13th:
Kristal and I left for Los Angeles the night before our Course of the Force event since we had to meet the next morning at 5:15am at the YouTube Space building to check in. We stopped by Taco Bell for a Piña Colada Freeze (my first one since I don’t eat at fast food places often) before we got onto the freeway on your way to the Holiday Inn by the Los Angeles International Airport, where we would be spending the night. By the way the Piña Colada Freeze was delicious.

 From our hotel window you would see the busy city of LA at night.

Saturday, June 14th:
My breakfast on the day of our event included a blueberry bagel, cream cheese, apple juice, and a banana.

I'm wearing my feminine Darth Vader costume and ready to head out. My favorite part of my homemade costume is the thought bubble headband that says, “I Am Your Father.”

A Course of the Force swag bag filled with awesome goodies from sponsors and a lightsaber, which we got for participating in the Course of the Force relay.

Kristal as R2D2 and I as Darth Vader as we wait to get onto the bus that will take us to our spot, where we will wait for a runner to pass us the torch lightsaber.

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