July 16, 2013

From All of Us Card: Band-Aid Kit

The next member to leave the Cinemark theater family, where I work, is Hailey. Hailey will be a senior this coming school year and will start her internship at a convalescent home as well. As always, when an employee gives their two weeks notice I try to make a special good-bye card just for them.

Since Hailey’s internship deals with caring for others I decided to make her a Band-Aid kit card. All the employees wrote special messages on pink paper cutout band-aids with colorful markers and some drew fun designs on the back of them. I got the band-aids laminated and put them into a Band-Aid kit I got at the 99 cent store, along with the real Band-Aids inside. On the inside of the lid box I wrote, “Hailey’s Boo Boo Kit. So when you get hurt caring for others” with a picture of a smiling band-aid saying, “I feel better” in a thought bubble, on sticker paper.

Hailey’s coworkers wrote encouraging and special messages on the pink paper band-aids. Only if real band-aids had messages like that, I think people boo boos would feel better soon.

This card is a great idea for an individual graduating from nursing school, a caregiver, a mother of a child who is accident-prone, or even a baby sitter.

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